Drew was created in 2016 as a durational illustration project by artist Ashley Olivieri.

Drawing one illustration per day for 100 days, "Drew Does" experimented at the intersection of art and design. By using Drew as a vessel to explore the boundaries of accessibility and connection, Olivieri posed the question: Can human emotions be distilled to a few charismatic, loose pencil strokes?

In 2017 The Letter Bet Gallery in Montreal hosted "Drew Exposed," a show featuring exclusively unique pieces including limited edition illustrations, rings, ceramics, and handcrafted tote bags. Through Drew, the show meditated on how self-healing can be at once playful, profound, and constantly evolving. Notably, it also signaled Drew's shift from a digital to a physical gallery space, allowing viewers to interact with the character in new ways.

“Drew Exposed” completely sold out, a major achievement for a first show. Keeping the momentum, Ashley went back to the drawing board and in 2018 presented her second solo show, which was met with a similar enthusiasm. "Drew Feels" marked the start of a new mission to bridge the gap between youth and adulthood, demonstrating that emotional sincerity is worth the risk at any age.

With characteristic wit and a minimal aesthetic, Ashley’s unbridled curiosity and willingness to delve into the unknown continues to expand Drew’s world (and our own) by using a surprising variety of materials and methods. Accessible and honest, imperfect and unique, Drew shows that kids can feel deeply, adults can rediscover play, and everyone can afford to be human and sometimes fall short.

Ashley is now working on a series of picture books, and is accepting commissions for original Drew pieces.

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